Social Networking

No matter where we turn, Social Networking has encompassed our lives. Most of us can’t live without checking our Facebook or Twitter account every hour. So the big question for everyone now is how do we use these every day tools to help develop our business.

It is important to remember is that social media is far more than just websites, it is a subset of various tools that help people share and discuss information, as well as connect with others. All of these tools help share information and connect people, both of which are essential to business.

Although to some, business is about finances and profit, you cannot lose sight of the obvious, it’s about customers. It’s about pleasing customers, acquiring new ones, and connecting with them.

Firstly, as with any other aspect of business, Social Maketing needs planning. You cannot simply set up an account, post some details and expect people to come to you. You need to plan, develop and measure your activity. A few questions to ask yourself follow:

Do I Need Social Marketing? – this may be a pointless question to some, as the reason you are reading this is because your answer is yes. But take the time to consider if the time you put in to planing and maintaining your marketing will actually prove of advantage to you.

What Do I Want To Achieve? – Are you looking for sales? Are you looking for word of mouth promotion? Do you want to help people find you? Social Marketing can offer a number of solutions to a number of needs, but you need a clear idea of what you want your campaign to achieve before starting.

Who Am I Targeting? – with so many different platforms available these days, it is vital to choose your target audience first. Each of the main Social Networking sites offers a different market. Facebook focuses on a personal market, working on the friends of friends basis. Twitter can be more adventurous, allowing you to find anyone your heart desires, but without the instant 1-on-1 communication. LinkedIn provides a more professional platform, providing a totally different offering.

Once you have answered these, you should hopefully be some way to deciding your next steps.

Above all, don’t forget to add ‘Welcome To The Web’ on Facebook and Twitter!!!!!!!